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21105490_10155073469516795_1700980875053852237_n 21106879_1478840992153282_4350948834468377735_n 21150072_1478841022153279_9083912706316562046_n 21150255_1478841005486614_6913193672516087256_n 21151452_1478840978819950_2391825867645398342_n 21077532_10155073469546795_4359426796962430274_n 21077536_10155073470161795_436099813922476893_n 21078551_1478840965486618_3142205731960347556_n 21034271_10155073579761795_3835691949538951691_n 21077683_10155073579766795_124843794282800161_n“We are a merry rout, or else a rable, or company, or, by a figure, Chorus, that fore thy dignitie will dance a Morris”(William Shakespeare 1613, Two Noble Kinsmen, Act 3 Scene 5)

The following is a video of us dancing in Evesham in June 2014:




Our mission is to:
1. Keep the tradition of Morris Dancing alive.
2. Make others aware of the tradition of Morris Dancing by promoting it wherever we go.
3. Have loads of fun!

In Brief

We are a morris side based in central Kent, dancing Cotswold Morris (what most people think of as morris with sticks, hankies and bells). Some of the dances are traditional, collected in the early 20th century, but many were written by our members and form our own Headcorn Tradition. Audiences are always welcome to come and watch us at our many stands and events during the year, and new dancers and musicians are even more welcome. Be Bold… Join The Morris!

In the last few years we have danced, played and sung our way across Holland, Estonia, Boston (USA), Hungary, Belgium, the Basque Country, France, and yes, even England! Along with our Hooden Horse, Jason, we have appeared on television with Dennis Waterman and on film with Nicole Kidman, so join the fun!